Making Canada a more mindful and kinder nation
Promoting mental health through mindfulness meditation and kindfulness practice
Building a healthy nation with healthy minds

To bring awareness of good values in people

To promote physical and mental fitness and mental health

To promote a way of life based on tolerance, concord and kindness

To promote good will and harmony in action, speech and thought

To make Canada the happiest, healthiest, kindest and the most peaceful nation through mindful meditation

To lead by example, as a Mindful Nation, and collaborate with other nations to shape a more Mindful World

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Saturday, September 28th, 2019.
OE Banquet & Conference Centre, Oakville, ON (Toronto)

Canada 150 Medal and Sesquicentennial Community Award

The Urban Buddhist Monk, Bhante Saranapala, has been honoured with the “Canada 150 Medal and Sesquicentennial Community Award” from the Government of Canada. On behalf of the Government, Hon. Peter Fonseca, Member of Parliament for Mississauga East Cooksville, bestowed  the medal and award to Bhante Saranapala in recognition of his effort in "Making Canada a More Mindful and Kinder Nation" and in recognition of his accomplishments in our community by promoting a diverse and inclusive Canada ??. Bhante Saranapala is one of the 25 recipients of this medal and award in the Mississauga East Cooksville region. A big thank-you to Hon. Peter Fonseca MP and Government of Canada for this recognition with the Canada 150 medal and Sesquicentennial Community Award