Making Canada a More Mindful and Kind Nation

With the Urban Buddhist Monk


Vision and Mission

To bring awareness of good values in people

To promote physical fitness and mental fitness

To promote a way of life based on tolerance, concord and kindness

To promote good will and harmony in action, speech and thought

To make Canada the happiest, healthiest, kindest and the most peaceful nation through mindful meditation

To lead by example, as a Mindful Nation, and collaborate with other nations to shape a more Mindful World

Good values can be defined as:




Harmony within diverse communities

Integration of Multicultural values in social, inter-faith, multi-ethnic environments

Instability stems from negative thoughts usually drive emotion then action

Negative actions can be defined as:

Violence – Hatred and disrespect for others




Alcohol and drugs

We are making awareness in the community, city, province, country and the world as to how these five negative actions are causing social and political turmoil, as well as personal suffering. Such personal sufferings cause others around them also to suffer.

Through this program, we are encouraging people to consider physical fitness and mental fitness by cultivating positive thoughts and actions such as non-violence, respect for others, generosity, honesty in relationships, be focused and be mindful. Such positive actions can benefit everyone as individuals, communities and as a nation.

Through the Mindfulness is the awareness of inner transformation we are bringing to the public, that all personal and social problems can be eliminated simply by changing negative mind to positive mind. This can be achieved by planting the seeds of good values in every individual, irrespective of ethnic and religious faith.

For many years I have been conducting this program for the public, such as students of universities and colleges, public and Catholic high schools and elementary schools.

This meditation practice has helped students improve performance in classes, improve their focus and discipline, respect for self and others, as well as reduce incidents of bullying, violence, hooliganism and foul language.

Many suicide attempts are made in many levels of the society, due to depression, anxiety, bereavement and self-negative thoughts. Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation practices can help distressed individuals to be positive and prevent suicide attempts.

Being mindful about self also leads to be mindful about environment, understanding its delicate balance with life and protecting it.

I intend to pioneer this program nationwide to make Canada a more mindful and kind Nation to enhance wellness, happiness, joy, harmony and peace among all communities.

No Nation can be built without building the human mind. So let us start by building human mind at every level.