BhanteSaranapalaWar is a creation of the human mind. If a mind can START a war, a mind can STOP a war too. A misguided mind, filled with greed, anger and ignorance, can drag us to a war like a fish caught at the end of a fishing hook, dragged to its’ impending death. Conversely, a well guided mind, filled with the opposing factors of greed, anger, and ignorance, such as generosity, love, kindness, wisdom and insight, can lead us to peace and harmony. The decision to cultivate an unwholesome mind, or a wholesome mind, is always a choice. Being mindful of these two capacities of the mind, we should consider using this precious life to train our minds to cultivate the wholesome, both within us, and around us. In this way, we cultivate internal and external peace.

As we enter the beginning of a new decade, we are now on the cusp of change. When we consider the last decade which brought with it the election tampering, increasing global and regional climate crises and the return of extreme political division within communities, it can be quite easy to become depressed or anxious. In many western countries, there has been a significant spike in the use of antidepressants, with doctors in England giving out over 70 million prescriptions in 2018 alone.