Dear Sir/Madam,

The Urban Buddhist Monk, Venerable Dr. Bhante Saranapala has been an ardent advocate of mindfulness and kindfulness and their profound effect on the individual and society. To further advance the cause, a program dubbed “Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation - Making Canada a more Mindful and Kinder Nation” has been planned with the following philosophy and objectives.

Through the Mindfulness and Kindfulness is the awareness of inner transformation we are bringing to the public, that all personal and social problems can be eliminated simply by changing negative mind to a positive mind. This can be achieved by planting the seeds of good values in every individual, irrespective of ethnic and religious background.

Vision and Mission

  • To bring awareness of good values in people
  • To promote physical and mental fitness and mental health
  • To promote a way of life based on tolerance, concord and kindness
  • To promote good will and harmony in action, speech and thought
  • To make Canada the happiest, healthiest, kindest and the most peaceful nation through mindful meditation

To this end, a Committee devoted to this cause is organizing an event the 6th annual “Kindful Canada Symposium: A National Conference on Mental health and Kindfulness which affords Canadians of all walks of life to experience an introduction to mindful meditation and the subsequent effect on the human mind. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 14 at the Aga Khan Museum Auditorium located 77 Wynford Dr, North York, ON M3C 1K1.

As you are aware, hosting an event of this stature calls for sponsorships to cover the many expenses required. Therefore, we humbly request that you consider sponsorship based on the list below. Your sponsorship will not only ensure the success of this socially significant event but the establishment of a program and resulting awareness that will have far reaching effects in the community at large.

We thank you for your consideration and generosity.

“Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation - Making Canada a More Mindful and Kinder Nation” Program Committee


- A complimentary exhibitor booth - 10x10

- 2 Mindful tee-shirts, and 2 Mindful baseball hats

- Free Swag Bag Insertions for 150 giveaway bags 

- Acknowledgment on our website, Facebook and brochure

- Posted Signage in Main Talk Room (signage must be provided by company)

- 5 Complimentary Event Tickets (Value $135)


- A complimentary exhibitor booth - 10x10

- Free Swag Bag Insertions for 250 giveaway bags (Value $88)

- 4 Mindful T-shirts, 4 Mindful Hats

- Acknowledgment on our website, Facebook and Brochure

- Posted Signage in Main Talk Room (signage must be provided by company)

-10 Complimentary Event Tickets (Value $270)

5. Please update Topics/Presentations under Event Info:

6th Annual Kindful Canada Symposium

A National Conference on Mental Health and Kindfulness
Aga Khan Museum Auditorium – October 14, 2023

Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation
Making Canada More Mindful and Kinder Nation
With Bhante Saranapala, the Urban Buddhist Monk

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better” - Dalai Lama.


Amy Boudreau, B.A., ICPS, SAS-AP®


The Yoga Cop Inc.

Topic Title: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Public Safety Personnel

Session Summary:

Public safety personnel (PSP), have a work-life that regularly involves unpredictable exposures to critical incidents, violence, chronic stress, job dissatisfaction, and societal expectations for optimal performance which can create a toxic work environment and lead to significant negative mental health outcomes.

In this lecture, Amy shares the research behind Mindfulness-based Resilience Training (MBRT) and Mindful Psychotherapy as feasible interventions consistent with the potential to improve PSP health and public safety. She discusses how to strengthen our body-based somatic intelligence to reset our nervous system back to baseline, how to tap into our natural healing ability, and shares her global mission.

She will close her session with a practical exercise to counter the unconscious reactive state of mind and prevent anxiety, overwhelm, and depression in the body.


Amy Boudreau is a writer, professional speaker, instructor, conscious leader, and police officer who is dedicated to researching and teaching optimal health strategies to enhance workplace wellness and promote culture change towards well-being within the public safety sector globally.

As a 12-year police constable, Amy has extensive experience working in crisis environments, managing conflict, and dealing with high levels of stress and trauma. Amy is a Mindfulness@Work® Certified Instructor, Gravity Yoga® Certified Instructor, holds a Corporate Yoga Certification, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification. She is a Situational Awareness Specialist-Advance Practitioner (SAS-AP®), International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS), is a Mental Health Ambassador, Peer Supporter, is part of the First Responder Mindfulness Network (FRMN) and has extensive training in Mental Health Awareness, Mindfulness & Yoga

Resilience Training, and preventing/healing from Operational Stress Injuries.

Recognized for her wellness work and contributions to the policing industry, Amy was named Top 3 Global Awardee finalists for the World Police Summit “Inspiring Female Officer of the Year Award” hosted by Dubai Police in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in March 2023. In September 2022, she was invited to lecture at the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Conference on “Transformational Culture Change Towards Well-being that Lasts”.

Dr. Norman Farb

Associate Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Mississauga

Topic Title: Discovering the Art of Sense Foraging- The Science of How Sensation Helps Us Get Unstuck and Reconnect with the World

Session Summary: Novel therapies such as mindfulness training emphasize sensory exploration over intellectual exercises and analysis. To understand this shift in therapeutic focus, neuroimaging of formerly depressed participants will be discussed to highlight the impact of sensory processing in distinguishing future vulnerability from resilience. While 'figuring out' how to be happy has an important place in the cultivation of wellbeing, when people improve their happiness only a small part of this change can be explained by intellectual insights. It is suggested that a renewed focus on 'sense foraging' could help us to escape from our worst habits and re-engage with a meaningful life.


Bio: Norman Farb, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, where he directs the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics laboratory (www.radlab.zone). He studies the psychology of well-being, focusing on mental habits, such as how we think about ourselves and interpret our emotions. He is particularly interested in why people differ in their resilience to stress, depression, and anxiety. Prof. Farb's work currently explores online training to support wellbeing, as well as brain imaging to understand how emotional reactions predict mental health.

James MacNeil

Author of Pure Spiritual Intelligence

Pure Spiritual Intelligence Inc.

Topic Titile:

Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving  

Mastering Love, Joy and Peace through Forgiveness, Faith, and Faith-Filled Actions

Session Summary:

Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving - Mastering Love, Joy and Peace through Forgiveness, Faith, and Faith-Filled Actions. My presentation will encourage participants to: 

1. Release Tension from

  • Past - Judgements on experiences, other people and themselves
  • Future - Fear and Frustration
  • Present Discontentment

2. Reconnect to Infinite Love, Joy and Peace  Through Stillness and meditation

3. Move Forward in Faith-Filled Action with the Pure Motivation of Others Centred Service.


James is a 30 year veteran world-class speaker, thought leader, consultant, international bestselling author, and publisher. James helps you live your best possible life as your best possible self through Pure Spiritual Intelligence, Verbal Aikido and his Wealthy World Changer Workshops. James is raising up million dollar gurus all over the world teaching from his experience working with the world most powerful banks, international law enforcement agencies and sharing the stage with his “Guru Dad” Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Kevin Harrington, Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, Mel Robbins, Steve Forbes, Eric Thomas and Sir Richard Branson.

Grandmother Sue Wilson

Métis Elder, Writer, Healer

Author of "Walking in My Métis Footsteps"

Complementary Health Practitioner


Grandmother Diane Owen

Oji-Cree Metis woman, an Elder and a Drum Carrier

Topic Title:

Our Sacred Contract - with Mitakue O'yasin - All That Is or All My Relations

Session Summary:

We will speak of the code of ethical living - The 7 Grandfather Teachings- with focus on humility.  In our discussions we realized humility is required to both give and receive kindness. These teachings, held by our ancestors were vital to well-being and indeed survival. We are of the Metis people and represent no one but ourselves. 

Bio of Grandmother Sue Wilson:

I am a student of Life who has an unending desire to learn, grow and heal myself.

At 65 years young in this second half of life I am learning how to use the tools and wisdom I have acquired to walk my journey as Nahniimed Nodin (Dancing Wind my Ojibway spirit name).  My strong relationship with The Creator and my Indigenous culture has been the foundation for my gifts to unfold as a Healer and a Writer.

Am I a Healer who is still dealing with illness? ...Yes…I may not have healed my physical body yet but I have healed my mind to be healthier by releasing old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me.  Through this healing journey I have uncovered a deeper level of forgiveness and unconditional love that I can give to myself and others. I now know at soul level what peace, joy and contentment feels like.  I have given my spirit permission to soar with an ease of being because I can trust myself to take care of “me” in a good way.  

I am a Métis Elder walking the path with much gratitude for my ancestors… for a culture and heritage that resonates so deeply within my soul…where once it was hidden and not spoke about to now standing proud as a Métis woman picking up the pieces and speaking to what I have discovered along the way.  

Bio of Grandmother Diane Owen

I am an Oji-Cree Metis woman, an Elder and a Drum Carrier, born in Geraldton, Ontario. My cultural and traditional education comes from First Nations communities, Elders, ceremonies and Mother Earth's University. As is true of so many of us, I am re-connecting with much that was lost to us.  It is a slow and certain process. I do not speak for any nation, but for myself and my understanding. 

My formal education through McMaster & Waterloo Universities led me in my professional career to assist people in crisis, including residential school Survivors and communities working through suicides. I now provide workshops & educational experiences in an effort to plant seeds of understanding among us.  

Ryan Joseph

Artist, Behavioral Therapist & Natural Healing and Wellness Enthusiast

Topic Title: My Journey to Healing

Sabrina Sourjah 

Self-trust Coach and Corporate Team Coach

Title Title: Becoming Mindful of Your Inner Critic to Build Self-Confidence and Self-Trust

Session Summary: We all have that inner critical voice that comes out in times of ambiguity or challenges. This session will help you to mindfully detect your inner voices and intercept with a more kind and compassionate voice to improve your self-trust.

Bio: Sabrina is a self-trust coach and corporate team coach. She comes alive when she witnesses clients learn to trust themselves more and conquer challenges previously thought impossible to overcome. Before she became a coach, she worked in the corporate world in tech and tech-adjacent roles. She has an MBA from Willamette University, USA and a BSc from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Mitch Abrams, MD, FRCPC

Certified Educator of Compassion, Stanford University's Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)

Assistant Clinical Professor, Michael G Degroote School of Medical Sciences, McMaster University.

CEO and Founder, NexGenHealth Ltd.

Topic Title

RADDical Approach to Kindness 


- artists would create art during the event; they would work in the background (corners of the stage or sides of room depending on the auditorium) and they would be very non obtrusive (like a fly on the wall:)

- As part of my presentation, I will introduce the artists and briefly explain the concept as part of my discussion on kindness and compassion. 

- at the end of the program:  7-10 min to have the artists present their art to the audience:

- 1 piece will be sponsored by a corporation (proceeds to be used to deliver heart coherence in schools and/or used to support compassion research (we starting a research project studying the science of compassion in medical students around the world - A local is global approach... )

- 1 piece can be auctioned to the audience (money will go directly to your Kindful Canada foundation).

- audience members will have the opportunity to sign a Heart Card to have their name added to the RADD ART story that shares the story of the symposium, your book launch, key takeaways from speakers and the value created by our compassion. The RADD ART STORY will be shared online and accessible through a QR code accompanying the art. 

- the RADD ART from your event and the story it creates will be shared in a variety conversations as part of social media marketing and future keynotes to spread awareness. 


Dr. Mitchell Abrams is a Canadian radiologist, keynote speaker, teacher and founder of

NexGenHealth Ltd.. Abrams completed his medical degree and radiology specialty from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, holds a subspecialty in cross-sectional imaging from the University of Toronto and is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Abrams is an assistant clinical professor at Michael G Degroote School of Medical Sciences and was department chair of diagnostic imaging at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Dr. Abrams is also a certified educator of applied compassion, through the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford Medical School.

Early in his radiology career, Dr. Abrams was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Obstructive

Cardiomyopathy, a disease that can lead to sudden cardiac death in seemingly fit and healthy young people. He required open heart surgery in order to prevent the worst-case scenario. Through his various roles as a patient, physician and department chair, he experienced the inner workings of our healthcare system first hand, and became acutely aware of the limitations and gaps in our current western model of care. This realization became a passion and drove him down a path of research and experiential learning with practitioners around the globe, looking at different approaches to healing. In particular, Dr. Abrams’ background in radiology and his understanding of physics, supported a deep investigation into the nature of energy and our interconnectedness as it pertains to health and wellness. The intersection between his life in science and this powerful experience with healing, provided the foundation of what his life-mission has become - to support and promote a more holistic model of healthcare. As part of his mission, Dr. Mitch initiated a social enterprise called NexGenHealth to bring forth a new paradigm in self-care, patient care, and community wellness.

Through his work with CCARE, Dr. Abrams created a capstone project called RADDical A.R.T. (RADiologist Developed Autonomic Rewiring Therapy). RADDical A.R.T. is NexGenHealth’s social impact initiative and is a sustainable funding model generating sustainable fundraising in support of mental health and resilience training for youth education, communities in need and clinical research. This model leverages art, music and technology as tools to educate, heal and inspire.

“As a physician and a patient, I embarked on a journey to identify a more holistic and more effective approach to healing and health. I spent over a decade investigating, practicing, researching and amalgamating my learning in order to bring this knowledge to you. I come to you with personal stories, the latest research and a new vision for a brighter and more

harmonious vision for humanity.” – Dr. Mitch Abrams