If you want to stop war

BhanteSaranapalaWar is a creation of the human mind. If a mind can START a war, a mind can STOP a war too. A misguided mind, filled with greed, anger and ignorance, can drag us to a war like a fish caught at the end of a fishing hook, dragged to its’ impending death. Conversely, a well guided mind, filled with the opposing factors of greed, anger, and ignorance, such as generosity, love, kindness, wisdom and insight, can lead us to peace and harmony. The decision to cultivate an unwholesome mind, or a wholesome mind, is always a choice. Being mindful of these two capacities of the mind, we should consider using this precious life to train our minds to cultivate the wholesome, both within us, and around us. In this way, we cultivate internal and external peace.

Lack of mindfulness, love and kindness for humanity can fan the flames of war. If we throw woodchips into a fire, they will make the fire bigger. Ego is like woodchips. If we add our egos into a mind that is already burning with the flames of greed, anger and ignorance, it will inevitably turn the embers of a conflict into the raging flames of a war.

So what do we do, when the fire has started and the winds threaten to bring those flames to our doorstep? Peace in the world is possible when each global citizen makes a conscious choice to lessen greed, anger and ignorance and when they choose to embrace mindfulness and kindness. This is a form of education we have to give to every global citizen in the name of global stability and sustainable peace.

We all must come together to cultivate awareness of the capacity for kindfulness (kindness and mindfulness). Let us choose bravery in the face of fear. Let us commit to hope and faith in the midst of instability. Let us have faith in our ability to bring peace to a world consumed by anger through mindfulness and kindness. Let us cultivate the seeds of world peace. In order to avoid a bigger war and conflict, we global citizens must stand united with a voice of kindfulness, even when the world says we are supposed to do nothing but hate! Be defiantly brave to stand in the name of peace, love, and kindness.

Let us be mindful not to destroy our lives, and the lives of others which are of so much value and priceless. The price of anger is our humanity, and the inheritance it leaves behind is trauma. Kindfulness is priceless, and leaves a field of merit. So, my friends, let us be mindful to be kind to ourselves and let us be mindful to be kind to others. A mind with kindfulness cannot start a war. Indeed, a mind with kindfulness will bring peace. Kindfulness will not destroy humanity. In fact, kindfulness will save humanity.

May all sentient beings be safe, well, happy and free !

Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist monk
Founder and President of "Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation"