Mr. Doug Gray - White Eagle

Mr. Doug Gray - White Eagle

First Nation Storyteller, Shamanic Teacher of Sacred Medicine, International Speaker

Doug / White Eagle is a Spiritual Councilor, dowser, speaker and storyteller. An ordained, non-denominational minister, he focuses on
Native Spiritualism and Sacred Medicine.

He facilitates: 

  • Baptisms
  • Weddings and holy unions
  • Funerals
  • Spiritual and feathered ceremonies
  • healing ceremonies to bring balance to the Earth

White Eagle has dropped the Sacred Tobacco in many places: from the Killing Fields of Siagon Malayasia, to Teanamin Square in Beijing, and in the Forbidden City and on the Great Wall of China.

He has done a blessing ceremony at Our Lady Well, and the Initiation of the Raven Clan at the Temple of the Moon in Glasgow, Scotland.He has done ceremony of the 80th anniversary
of the British Society of Dowsers in Cirencester, England.

White Eagle has done ceremony at the Taj Mahal in India to honour the Freedom Fighters of the world including Ghandi, Mandela and Mother Teresa and at Ghandi's final resting place in New Delhi, India.