Dr. Mitchell Abrams

Dr. Mitchell Abrams

Director of Medical Humanities - Canadian International Exchange Program

Mitchell Abrams, a Canadian radiologist, educates on new paradigms of health. Focusing on holistic models that address mind, body, and spiritual health, his mission is to integrate the arts, science, and technology in support of proactive and preventative health models.

Influenced by his unique journey through western healthcare, as a physician, division chief and open-heart surgical patient, he founded a social enterprise known as NexGenHealth.

NexGenHealth delivers a multi-disciplinary approach to personal wellbeing and community health. We create Mission Related Investment models enabling anyone to contribute their investments of time, money, energy, or advocacy. In doing so we deliver best practices that cultivate synergistic relationships between businesses, communities, and individuals. Leading by example, together we succeed in creating healthy minds, healthy organizations, and healthy communities.


Neuroscience and Recent Research: Providing a Better Understanding of Our True Nature and Our Connectedness to Self, Others and Mother Earth By Dr. Mitchell Abrams

CEO and Founder of NextGenHealth
Director of Medical Humanities Canadian International Science Exchange Program
University of Toronto

 Combining his radiology background with his spiritual learnings from India, Dr. Abrams explores energy from both Western scientific and Eastern spiritual contexts as it relates to mental health, consciousness, and interconnectedness. Empowering audiences with knowledge, Abrams inspires communities to learn, heal and grow together.