Mr. Peter Tolias

Mr. Peter Tolias

Founder of “I CAN, WE CAN”

Abused as a child, unmotivated and observing his life dwindling in a downwards spiral with no one to turn to for assistance, Peter realized HE was the only one who could change his life for the better. With the help of a few motivational books and videos, he refused to allow more time to pass and begun to witness the positive change in his life take place at that very moment.

Beginning his journey from a young age, the obsession with novels and videos on positive thinking and goal setting then started. Peter began to write down all of his ambitions, and what he wanted out of life in a small book. He started incorporating different exercises into his daily routine such as reading these goals out loud every single day, and looking in the mirror telling himself that he had already accomplished them. He refused to allow the negativity or hardships in his life to stop him from persevering towards the greatness he knew he could eventually achieve. From a bout of homelessness while in Greece, to his battle with cancer as a young man, his struggles gave him a new perspective. He realized that no matter what obstacles he was facing, he was still extremely lucky because even though he was living a nightmare relative to the reality he knew, he was confident that it would eventually end, while for some it would not. This is a lesson that Peter carries with him on every one of his life’s journeys.

With the belief and change in his attitude, he built up what is now a multi-million dollar landscaping company from nothing, and has made it his mission to share his journey and success with the youth of North America.