Topics of Talks/Presentations

3rd Annual Kindful Canada Symposium
OE Banquet & Conference Centre – September 28, 2019

Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation & Canada: A Kindful Nation
Making Canada More Mindful and Kinder Nation
With Bhante Saranapala, the Urban Buddhist Monk

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better” - Dalai Lama.


1. Mental Health and Wellness for First Responders: A Unique Panel Discussion with the Urban Buddhist Monk, the Zen Cop and the Yoga Cop

By Ven. Bhante Saranapala, the Urban Buddhist Monk
The Founder and President of “Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation”
By Constable Stephanie Nassis, the Zen Cop
Mental Health Educator, First Responder, Trauma Sensitive/PTSD Yoga Instructor
By Constable Amy Boudreau, the Yoga Cop Mental Health Ambassador

2. From Science to Sentience: Moving Beyond Animal Testing

By Dr. Charu Chandrasekera

Executive Director
Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods
Canadian Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods
University of Windsor

3. Kindness in Health and Communication

By Avis Favaro
Medical Correspondent, CTV National News

4. UN, Human Rights and Kindness

By Dr. Joshua Cooper
CEO, The GOOD Group
Lecturer, Political Science, University of Hawai’i 

5. Why Mindfulness and Kindness are Essential in the Field of Business

By Brian Crombie
Principal of Crombie Capital Health Leadership Academy

6. The Power of Being Mindfully Kindful to Mother Earth

By Wayne Mouland
Author & Founder of Eco Movement

7. Walk the Four Quadrants: The physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional

By Doug Gray
White Eagle, First Nation Storyteller, Shamanic Teacher of Sacred Medicine,International Speaker

8. Neuroscience and Recent Research: Providing a Better Understanding of our True Nature and Our Connectedness to Self, Others and Mother Earth

By Dr. Mitchell Abrams
CEO and Founder of NextGenHealth
Director of Medical Humanities Canadian International Science Exchange Program
University of Toronto

9. Group Tai Chi Practice

Led by Dr. Cuong Tran
Tai Chi Instructor & Interventional Radiologist
Trillium Health Partners Hospital

10. Group Qi Gong Practice

Led by Jacqueline Chan
Qi Gong Instructor and Practitioner
Sick Kids Hospital Wellness Centre

11. Group Mindfulness Meditation Practice

By Ven. Bhante Saranapala, the Urban Buddhist Monk & Meditation Teacher
The Founder and President of “Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation”



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